Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro (Lisbon, Portugal, April 4th 1979) is a Portuguese photojournalist who has been living in Macau for the past 7 years.

His closest family has no artistic tradition. Thus can it be justified that he only truly came into the world of photography by the age of 18. He knows many Portuguese photographers of the most diverse fields and continues to learn with them.

After four years studying Geological Engineering, he reached the conclusion that his interests were elsewhere and enrolled in the Communication Sciences degree, Journalism variant, in the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa - degree he completed in 2005.

He started working in the field of photography in 2000 and, two years later, initiated his professional internship in the now extinct news agency Intermeios. For six years, he was part of the permanent staff at the A Bola newspaper. After that, he collaborated with various Portuguese and foreign publications, including the I, Público, Correio da Manhã, O Comércio do Porto, Expresso, Washington Post, BBC, among many others. He also carried out photographic works for various companies.

Between 2004 and 2010 he was, in Portugal, the official photographer of the Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury.

Winner of a number of awards during his career, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro has also had a number of exhibitions, in his own name and collectively. Macau 5.0 | 澳門 5.0 | Macao 5.0 is his first book of photography.

Having arrived in Macau, he joined the Hoje Macau newspaper, where he worked as writer and editor between 2010 and 2014. He was photography director of Culture Guide and, currently, he is the photography coordinator of Macau magazine, portuguese version.


2018 – Nominee, Landscape category, single - FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS

2018 – Nominee, People category, series - FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS

2018 – Honorable Mention, Editorial: Photo Essay/Story - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR

2018 – Editor's pick, Portrait Awards - LENSCULTURE

2018 – Honorable Mention, Photojournalism category - MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 

2018 – Honorable Mention, Landscape category - MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 

2018 – Honorable Mention, Portrait category - MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS

2017  Editor's pick, People Photography Awards, monthly - THE INDEPENDENT PHOTOGRAPHER

2017 – Honorable Mention, Architecture: Cityscapes category - NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (ND)

2017 – Honorable Mention, People: Travel/Culture category - NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (ND)

2017 – Honorable Mention, People: Portrait category, series - NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (ND)

2017  Honorable Mention, Architecture: Historic category - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (IPA)

2017 – Honorable Mention, Press: People/Personality category, series - THE PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS (PX3)

2017 – Honorable Mention, Portrait category - MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS

2016 – Honorable Mention, People: Culture category - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (IPA)

2016 – Honorable Mention, People: Portrait category - NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (ND)

2016 – Honorable Mention, People: Travel/Culture category - NEUTRAL DENSITY PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (ND)

2014 – Finalist, Open category - IIAS PHOTO CONTEST PICTURING ASIA

2012 – 4th place, online voting - AMBIENTE IMAGENS DISPERSAS PHOTO AWARDS (Associação Amigos do Cáster)

2012 – Finalist, Animal Behavior category - AMBIENTE IMAGENS DISPERSAS PHOTO AWARDS (Associação Amigos do Cáster)

2009 – 2nd place, Liberty Best Moment category - LIBERTY SEGUROS PHOTOJOURNALISM AWARDS

2008 – Honorable Mention, News Story category - VISÃO/BES PHOTOJOURNALISM AWARDS

2007 – 1st place, Liberty Best Moment category - LIBERTY SEGUROS PHOTOJOURNALISM AWARDS


2018 – 
“Rivercities crossing borders: history and strategies”, collective, Script Road - Macau Literary Festival - MACAO (CHINA)

2018 – "Portrait: Image and Identity", collective, Black Box Gallery - PORTLAND (USA)

2018 – "Shaping Dream", collective, Macao Military Club - MACAO (CHINA)

2018 "Photography Now", collective, The Brick Lane Gallery - LONDON (UK)

2017  "Macau Guia Circuit to the World Heritage of UNESCO", collective, RITZ Gallery - MACAO (CHINA)

2017 – "Macau 5.0 | 澳門 5.0 | Macao 5.0", individual, Documentary Photography Museum - BRASÍLIA (BRAZIL)

2015  "Macau 5.0 | 澳門 5.0 | Macao 5.0", individual, Portuguese Consulate-General - MACAO (CHINA)

2014  "IIAS Photo Contest Picturing Asia Exhibition", collective, Leiden University - LEIDEN (THE NETHERLANDS)

2011  "Macau, one year in twenty photographs", individual, Amor de Biscoito - ANSIÃO (PORTUGAL)

2010  "Rostos & Nuances", individual, Amor de Biscoito - ANSIÃO (PORTUGAL)

2010  "Rostos & Nuances", individual, Statvs - LISBON (PORTUGAL)

2010  "O Chiado vai ter a Maior Exposição Fotográfica do Mundo", collective - LISBON (PORTUGAL)

2010  "Encontros do Olhar", collective, Portuguese Institute of Photography - LISBON (PORTUGAL)

2002  "Alentejo - Mundo Rural", collective, itinerant - PORTUGAL

2002  "Chiado", collective - FORTE DA CASA (PORTUGAL)

2002  "O Começo", collective, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa - LISBON (PORTUGAL)


2015  “Macau 5.0 | 澳門 5.0 | Macao 5.0”, author edition

2013  "The Harmony of Disability", collective edition - MACAU SPORTS PRESS ASSOCIATION

2013  "Antologia Luso-Brasileira de Fotografia Contemporânea – Volume IV – 'Essência e Memória'", collective edition - CHIADO EDITORA

*All photos Copyright © Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro